Acid Rain A Negative Side Effect of Vehicle Smog

If you want, you can blame the industrial revolution. It was that major historic event that caused the quick and detrimental rise of smog. The many factories that were established during the nineteenth century began filling the air with chemicals and fumes created from burning coal and other fuels. You can blame the industrial revolution for the beginnings of smog.

However, we can only blame ourselves for the continuance and the growth of this harmful environmental hazard. The major contributor for smog in modern times is not the factory. Instead. It is the vehicle. Vehicles run on internal combustion engines. These engines emit the toxic chemicals that turn into smog. No longer can we blame the coal burning days of the nineteenth century.

Speaking of the nineteenth century, it was along this time that a new and detrimental phenomenon began to occur. When the smog gets into the air, it has a habit of staying around. The chemicals in smog are heavy and they become trapped in the air since they cannot escape the ozone layer.

Since the smog stays in the air, a big problem happens when the storm clouds roll in. The smog in the air will mix with the clouds, creating a noxious concoction called acid rain. It is hard to believe that acid rain began in the nineteenth century and is still a problem today.

In fact, acid rain and the other effects of smog are growing because there are such a growing number of vehicles on the road today. When vehicles continue to release emissions, more and more smog is formed.

What are the negative effects of acid rain? These toxic water drops fall on all areas. When they fall into lakes and ponds, they can actually kill animal life, disrupting the life cycle of the environment and causing long-term issues.

When the rain falls on farms and crops, it can damage the growing plants, destroying whole fields worth of crops and costing people thousands of dollars. Acid rain will also affect all levels of fauna from forests to flower beds.

For humans, acid rain can be an aggravation since it will damage the paint jobs of vehicles and homes, but the aggravation becomes detrimental when the acid rain can affect health. Studies have shown the people who breathe in the air from acid rain are susceptible to a whole range of health problems, including cancer.

Acid rain is just one negative effect of smog. Smog can be controlled if vehicle emissions are checked and controlled as well.