Why it is Important to Get a Vehicle Smog Test


Did you know that your vehicle emits smog? Whether you drive a brand new compact car or a ten year old pickup truck, there is a certain amount of emissions being released from those vehicles. In current times, there is more smog being emitted from vehicles than from any other source. When you consider exactly how many vehicles that are on the road today, that is a whole lot of smog going into our environment.

The worst part is, smog contains chemicals that are not just dangerous to the environment, they are also dangerous for human beings. A number of ill effects on a person’s health can come from consistently breathing in smog. These health issues can range from something as minor as sinus infections to something as major as death.

There are two main reasons to have your vehicle regularly checked for smog. The first is that you must remember that your vehicle will change over time. Even if it is a vehicle touted for its low emissions, as you drive it and as the miles rack up, the emissions released can change greatly.

Your low emission vehicle could be a smog monster five years from now. Additionally, an increase in emissions of a vehicle could be a sign of something else wrong. A smog test could lead to finding and repairing an issue before it becomes a big problem. Making sure that your vehicle is not harming the environment and not creating a dangerous place for you and your family is one very big reason to have your vehicle go through a regular smog test.

The second reason is a little more obvious. In order to work toward lowering the amount of smog in the environment, the government has begun to pass smog laws. The majority of states require that all vehicles that fit within certain parameters be tested for smog on a regular basis. In some states, the law requires smog tests every year. In some states, the smog test law required bi-annual checks.

As you may guess, the second reason for putting your vehicle through an emissions test is because it is the law. Since the laws vary in different states, you will have to consult your state’s laws to determine how often you should get your vehicle tested.

The two reasons for having your vehicle tested for smog are quite important. One has to do with the health of your family and everyone in your area, and the other is required to stay within the rules of the law.

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