What You can do to Stop Smog


Have you ever breathed in smog laden air? Maybe you have visited a heavily polluted area, or maybe you live in one of these places. In either case, you are most likely quite familiar with the noxious and irritating scent of smog hanging in the air. What you may not know if how dangerous this air can be for yourself, your family, and the environment around you.

It is no secret that the chemicals and fumes that are within smog can be dangerous for the environment. There are quite a few studies, which have shown that the pollution of smog is contributing to the disastrous effects of global warming. In addition, the smog can cause acid rain, which is dangerous for natural and manmade things in the environment.

Smog is a big problem, especially is areas of dense population. Besides the environmental hazards, the pollution is also dangerous for the health of people. When a person breathes in the chemicals in smog, they can suffer from nasal and sinus problems, throat irritation, lung problems like chronic cough, emphysema, and pneumonia, as well as cardiac problems. In severe cases, prolonged exposure to smog can lead to fatal lung conditions.

Now that you know just how dangerous smog can be, you are most likely wondering what you can do about it. Your first reaction may be that there is nothing you can do since smog comes from factories. However, an interesting fact is that, in the past few decades, it has become known that the majority of smog released in the air comes from vehicle emissions. Any type of vehicle will emit some level of the harmful fumes, and many vehicles emit more that the average amount.

What can you do to lessen the issues of smog? Manufacturers have been taking steps to create lower emissions vehicles and zero emissions vehicles, which can be an excellent choice for the future. However, not everyone can purchase a brand new vehicle. For those who want to do something about the emissions now, you can take your vehicle to a certified technician to pass a smog check.

When your vehicle is checked, it can be determined if the car is releasing too much smog. If this is true, then there are just a few small repairs, which can be made. These repairs can greatly lower the amount of smog being released from the vehicle, and they do not cost an inordinate amount of money.

As you can see, there are things that you can do about the smog, which is harming the environment and your health.

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