What is Vehicle Smog?


Early in the twentieth century, just as it had become most common for every household to own a vehicle, it was discovered that the motorized vehicles were emitting a selection of chemicals and fumes into the air. For many years, it was not known just what these fumes could do. Unfortunately, the emissions can be quite dangerous.

Formed from the combination of two words: smoke and fog, smog became a concern as more and more vehicles took to the road. It was noticed that areas of high population, like inner city areas, or small states with large cities and urban areas, the smog pollution became even more evident. It was also soon realized that there was more to the smog than just smoke.

Just what is it that is in smog? There can be a number of different types of chemicals coming from the vehicle’s tailpipe, depending on the type of vehicle, the year model, and its mileage. Some of the chemicals that can be in vehicle smog include nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and chemicals of the aldehyde family. All of these chemicals are toxic.

When smog is emitted from a vehicle, it rises into the air where it can have a reaction with the rays of the sun. Once this reaction takes place, the smog can become a permanent issue in that specific area’s environment.

These noxious chemicals are breathed in by people and health effects can happen. Many people suffer from a number of cardio pulmonary issues, including emphysema, lung infections, pneumonia, heart conditions, chronic sinus conditions, and even death due to lung failure. At the very least, smog acts as a breathing irritant, inflaming the nose, sinuses, mouth, and throat.

As the population grows in the United States, it is no wonder that the number of vehicles being driven has also grown. Since the government has recognized the health and environmental issues of smog and vehicle emissions, state laws have gone into effect. In many states, all vehicle owners are required to make sure that their vehicle passes a smog test once or twice a year. Without this test in those states, a vehicle may not be registered.

All environmental pollutants are a problem, and it used to be that factories were a large contributor to the amount of pollution in the air. With a trend toward environmental awareness, factories have taken steps to lower pollution amounts. In the present day, smog emitted from vehicles is the number one smog causing pollutant in the air.

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