What are the Causes of Smog Pollution?


You have heard of smog. If you live in a larger city, you may have even seen the smog. If you have been exposed to it for a long time, then you may even know that you can get a sore throat, a sinus infection or even lung problems from breathing in the contaminated chemicals. Smog is a hazard for you and the environment. Smog can even be fatal when a person is exposed for too long. You may know all of this, but do you know what causes smog?

There are actually quite a few things that contribute to smog. Things like paint, aerosol cans, gasoline fumes, and burning fires can all add to the chemical that create smog. However, there are certain major contributors to the noxious, dangerous, and ugly haze.

Factories have long been a cause for smog since they often have to burn various fuels in order to continue operations. Burning coal has been a reason why factories are smog creators dating all the way back to the nineteenth century. However, because of new restrictions and laws, the amount of smog produced by factories has begun to decline.

There is another contributor to smog that actually rules over all other contributors. The internal combustion engines that make vehicles run create a number of different chemicals that are emitted in the form of fumes. The emissions of vehicles are the top reasons for smog in the environment today. This is most evident in larger cities where a great density of vehicles are on the road, creating a greater amount of smog in one area.

The emissions of vehicles along with other, smaller causes begin the chain that leads to smog pollution. Once all these chemicals reach the air, they become trapped between the ground and the ozone layer. When the chemicals become trapped in concentrated amounts, smog begins to form. It becomes even worse when the chemicals in smog react with sunlight, creating a dangerous and toxic cloud that will stay in one area for a very long time.

Smog does not just go away. In fact, it hangs around for quite a while. Even though people would like to think that the smog would dissipate, it does not, and it only becomes worse when more emissions are brought into the environment. Smog pollution is caused by a number of things, but the major contributor is the vehicle.

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