Vehicle Smog Presents an Environmental and a Health Hazard


Vehicle emissions do not just smell bad. They are actually very dangerous as well. Many people think that vehicle smog is just a minor annoyance, however, the impact of smog on people and the environment is quite major. If you do not know how the emissions from your vehicle are hazardous, then you will be interested to read on.

There is a very good reason why many state governments are making the decision to create emissions laws and standards, requiring that vehicles stay under a certain emissions limit.

Environmentally, smog from vehicles is detrimental. Are you familiar with acid rain? This chemical laden rainfall can be responsible for a great deal of damage to natural and manmade locations. It can even damage the paint on a vehicle. One of the major contributors to the creation of acid rain is vehicle created smog.

Are you familiar with global warming? You have most likely heard a great deal about it since it has become front and center in the news presently. A great deal of global warming comes from what they call the “greenhouse effect” from smog being trapped within our environment.

Health wise, vehicle smog can be dangerous and downright fatal. People who live in areas that are well known for smog pollution can experience a whole range of health problems. The chemicals in smog irritate the nose and throat, causing frequent soreness and infections. The chemicals also dry out mucus membranes, making a person susceptible to illness.

Additionally, the chemicals from smog are detrimental to the lungs, causing pneumonia, bronchitis and even emphysema. In the worst incidents, smog can lead to death because of pulmonary and cardiac failure.

Obviously, there is a greater impact of smog than just a little annoyance. Since smog does not go away and tends to stay in one area, it becomes concentrated, making is even more hazardous. Vehicles like cars and trucks are one of the major contributors of smog. This is why it is vitally important to confirm that your vehicle is not emitting more than it should.

You can easily have your vehicle checked with a simple emissions test. In fact, in many states, this is required by law. By taking the time to make sure that your vehicle is not creating too much smog, you can do your part to protect the environment. Additionally, you will be doing your part to protect the health of your family and the generations of the future.