Vehicle Smog: a Q and A


Almost everyone knows about smog, and almost everyone could state a few facts about the smog, but most likely, almost anyone would have questions about smog as well. If you have questions about smog, how it is created, and how your vehicle contributes, then consider these common questions and answers.

What is smog? Actually, smog is any pollutant that reaches into the environment and becomes a hazardous combination of smoke, chemicals, and fumes that becomes even more noxious when it reacts to the sunlight. These chemicals can hang over an area, polluting breathing air, for years.

In historic and definition terms, smog was originally caused by factories that burned coal to manufacture various items. Smog was recognized as an issue in the mid twentieth century. The term “smog” is coined from a mash up of the terms smoke and fog since the smog has a smoky, hazy appearance.

Where does smog come from currently? Some smog is still caused by factory pollutants, however, strong restrictions have been put on factories and manufacturers so that they have found ways to burn cleaner and create less pollution.

The majority of the smog that is created today comes from vehicles. There are millions of vehicles on the road every single day. Different vehicles release varying amounts of pollution, but they all do emit something. In areas of dense population, like large cities, the smog is the most prevalent.

How do I know if my vehicle is emitting smog? Your vehicle is emitting some chemicals. In order to find out how many emissions your vehicle is guilty of, you will need to have a smog test performed. Depending on your vehicle’s age, its make and model, and its mileage, the amount of smog emitted can vary.

Do I have to have a smog test performed? Depending on where you live, the answer to this can vary. Many states require a mandatory yearly smog test in order for vehicles to be registered. Other states require a six month smog check. There are a few states that do not currently have smog laws. In order to determine if you are required to have a vehicle smog test, you will have to consult your state’s law.

Smog is a problem that everyone in the United States must face. Since there are more vehicles on the road all of the time, it becomes even more of an issue. It is important to understand what smog is in order to be aware of the problem.