Vehicle Pollution is a Bigger Factor in Certain Areas


Smog is a problem that affects areas of the world, and it can cause environmental and health hazards no matter where you live. Basically, since the pollutant is sent into the environment, nowhere is safe. In addition, the long term impacts, like global warming will affect everyone, even in areas where pollution is not so evident.

However, it is important to know that some areas are more prone to have a smog problem, and therefore, more issues will arise. Because of the way vehicle pollution is released, it tends to form ground level ozone, which is trapped in the area where it was formed. Once smog gets into the air, it cannot escape into the atmosphere since it is trapped within the earth’s ozone layer.

In more population dense or urban areas, there will be a greater number of vehicles on the road, and therefore a greater amount of vehicular emissions. Since these emissions tend to hang around, it is no wonder that certain areas have more of a smog problem than others do.

In addition, smog from vehicles goes through a reaction when it is exposed to the sun’s rays. Any area that has a great amount on sunlight and dry are will see a thicker density to the smog and the emissions will not dissipate as well.

If you add these two things together, you can see that certain areas of the country are going to be affected in a more serious manner than other areas. Anywhere with a large population and a sunny climate will be like a smog generator.

If you live in one of these areas, it is very important to know that there are health concerns from a prolonged exposure to this smog. When you consider everything that comes along with vehicle emissions, you can imagine the problem. Have you ever gotten a good whiff as a school bus pulls away from the curb? That noxious odor is filled with toxic gases. This is true of any vehicle as well.

Since some areas of the country are more smog dense, the people who live in these areas are more likely to suffer from respiratory issues like pneumonia and bronchitis. They will also be more prone to sinus and nasal problems since the polluted air tends to dry out mucus membranes. Studies have shown that living in a smoggy area will lead to more pulmonary problems.

While smog and vehicle emissions affect everyone since they can be found almost anywhere, there are certain places that will have to deal with the problem on a bigger scale.