Vehicle Pollution and the Environment


Many people may think that smog comes mainly from factories or manufacturers that have to burn various products in order to operate. While this once may have been the truth, it is no longer the case. Now, the most notorious item for creating the largest amount of smog is the personal vehicle. This is not limited to a certain type of vehicle. In fact, cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, recreational vehicles and even motorcycles all emit the fumes that form smog.

Since vehicles are the guilty party in the issues of smog in this country, it is no surprise that the issue is growing as the number of vehicles on the road grows. Many state governments have taken steps to get control of the smog issue by requiring that all vehicles pass emissions tests each year. Other states have not yet passed such laws, however smog is becoming a concern everywhere.

Many people may not see smog as anything more than a nuisance, but this is because they do not truly understand what the harmful gasses are doing to the environment. In order to understand smog, it is important to know how the problems happen. When vehicles emit these fumes, they rise into the air. Because of the ozone layer, which traps our breathing oxygen, the smog fumes are also trapped. While they are trapped, these fumes react with the sunlight to become even more toxic.

Just what does smog do to the environment while it is trapped? One of the components of vehicle smog is Nitrogen Oxide. This chemical is one of the main factors of acid rain. It is no secret that acid rain can be detrimental to plant and animal life. In addition, it causes damage to vehicles and other manmade objects.

Another component of smog is carbon dioxide, which along with a selection of other gasses, is creating the global warming situation. This issue continues to grow as more smog enters the air.

The environmental aspect of smog is really only the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of health factors related to prolonged breathing of smog and pollution. It is very important that people be aware of the smog issue so that they can understand why it is such a problem.

By choosing to have your vehicle pass a smog emissions test each year, you are taking a very important step to help protect the environment and our health.