Three things You Did Not Know about Vehicle Smog


There are most likely plenty of things you know about smog and vehicle emissions. You most likely know that the emissions from your vehicle do not smell very good. You probably also know that they can be dangerous in concentrated amounts. As far as smog, you most likely know that it has become quite an issue in some highly urbanized areas.

However, there are also most likely a few things that you do not know about smog and what it has to do with your vehicle. Here are three little known facts about the smog pollution issue and vehicle emissions.

1. Factories are not the major contributor of smog. It may have been the truth years ago, but factories do not create the majority of the smog, which pollutes the air in modern times.

In fact, the major factor for smog and pollution comes from personal vehicles. Many people do not realize this, but it is why many states are creating legislation about lower emissions vehicles and vehicle emissions checks. Every vehicle on the road is creating some amount of smog, and some vehicles create a great deal more than others do.

2. Smog likes to stay in areas where it is formed. Because of the chemicals that are released with vehicle smog and because of the way it reacts with the environment, it does not dissipate very easily.

This is why some areas have a greater concentration of smog from vehicle emissions. In areas where there is a high concentration of people and a large amount of vehicles on the road, the smog factor becomes greater since it will stay in the same area.

3. Smog can actually lead to death. Many people know that the pollution is not good for the environment, but they do not know how dangerous it is for health. It has been proven that prolonged exposure to the fumes in smog is very hazardous for a person’s health, and in the most extreme cases, it can lead to lung failure.

What can you do to lower the amount of smog being released in the air? You can start by having your vehicle undergo an emissions test. If it does not pass the test, then you can have minor repairs made. If every person takes the time to work on lower emissions, this can have a very large impact on the amount of smog harming the environment and the health of people.