There is a Very Good Reason for State Smog Laws


If you live in a state with strict vehicle emissions laws, then you may think that these laws are a hassle. You may have to get your vehicle checked for emissions once or twice a year. If you vehicle fails the emissions test, then you may have to pay for repairs. In states with emissions laws, then if you do not have the checks made, you may have to pay fines, or you may not even be able to get your vehicle registered.

However, if you feel like these laws are a pain, you must remember that there are very good reasons for state emissions laws. These laws are not put into effect to be an aggravation and to cost you money. They are put into effect for health and environmental safety.

The reason that states began to create these laws is that smog is a growing concern, especially in areas of high population. The majority of smog is created from vehicle emissions. Since there are more vehicles being driven right now than ever, then smog is continuing to grow.

The reason why smog is dangerous is that it is created from a mixture of toxic and noxious chemicals. When these chemicals get into the air, they get stuck and they mix with the sunlight. When this happens, they become even more dangerous.

Environmentally, this mix of chemicals can kill plants and harm crops. It can also be a major contributor toward acid rain and global warming. You are most likely quite aware that global warming is a major issue in the future of the earth’s environment.

As far as health, the smog can be detrimental. When people live in a smog laden area, they are constantly breathing in the chemicals which are toxic. When people breathe in the air, they are more susceptible to illness because their immune system is harmed. In addition, they are more susceptible to lung and breathing conditions. They can also be more likely to experience chronic and fatal conditions.

Since this smog can be so harmful, it is important to be aware of the issue. It is also important to recognize that there is a rise in the amount of smog in the air. With each new vehicle on the road, more smog is being emitted. The best way to get control of the smog issue is to be more strict about vehicle emissions. This is the reason for tough emissions laws in your state.