The Negative Health Effects of Vehicle Emissions


Many people brush off the concern of smog because they get tired of hearing about how bad it is for the environment. They may think that the environmental issues are overblown, and they may decide to not think too much about smog and vehicle emissions. However, there is another very big factor that everyone should take into consideration.

The chemicals and fumes contained in smog are a mix of different things, including carbon monoxide. When these chemicals reach the sunlight, they react and become a large, very dangerous cloud of noxious agents. The haze created by smog is not just an aggravation; it is dangerous for the health of anyone breathing it.

What some people may not realize is that there are serious health effects from breathing in smog. This becomes an even bigger issue for people who live in areas of dense smog. These areas, usually urban and densely populated, can become environments extremely hazardous to inhabitants’ health.

Minor health effects that can be felt from inhaling smog include nasal irritation and throat soreness. Many people may notice that they experience more sinus infections or more problems with their everyday breathing. These are the minor effects, and people who breathe in smog every day could experience much worse.

Many people who are exposed to this smog could find themselves suffering from bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema. Because the chemicals of smog are breathed into the lungs, the fumes, which are toxic, can lead to great irritation to the lungs. Additionally, because the smog chemicals have a tendency to dry out the nose and throat, our natural illness fighters, the membranes, are not able to do their job. Smog inhalation can make a person more prone to various infections.

In most severe cases, the smog can lead to such serious pulmonary and cardiac issues as lung and heart failure. It is possible to die from prolonged inhalation of smog fumes and chemicals.

Those smog emissions coming from your vehicle are much more dangerous than you might have imagined. When you factor in all of the vehicles on the road, you can see how everyone’s health is at risk. The issue of smog and vehicle emissions is not just an environmental one. It is important to remember this if you need a reason to be concerned about pollution.

Because of these reasons, it is important to make sure your vehicles pass a smog test every year. If it does not pass the test, it is emitting too much smog and it needs to be repaired. Generally, the repairs are minor, but they can have a big impact.

The Negative Health Effects of Vehicle Emissions