The History of Smog


Smog is not anything new, however, historically; it is quite a young issue. Smog, which has become an issue of health and environmental danger, has a very interesting history. There was a smog problem long before vehicle emissions became the issue, but the problems became even worse along with the advent of the personal vehicle.

If you look back to the Victorian times, especially in England, you will see that people were dealing with smog even then. At the time, though, it was only known as a dangerous fog. Since they did not have cars and trucks in Victorian times, the smog had to come from somewhere.

During this time period, people used coal to keep their homes warm. Since the large concentration of the population lived in the city, this smoke would stay within the area, creating a hazardous environment. It has been documented that the smoky haze would make people sick and could even lead to death.

Along about this time period, a revolution of sorts was happening. Called the Industrial Revolution, this was the event that led to a great number of factories and manufacturers becoming more commonplace than farms and agriculture. Along with these factories came even more smog and pollution.

Unfortunately, the smog issue grew in pace when the car was invented, and as more and more personal vehicles took to the road, pollution also grew. However, the idea that something needed to be done to lessen the amount of pollution did not take effect until the mid twentieth century. It was during that time that the term “smog” was coined as well. Smog comes from combining the words, fog and smoke since the pollution looks like a thick hazy smoke.

Since that time, smog has continued to pollute, but people are starting to take steps to lessen it. Since smog is dangerous for a person’s health and dangerous for the environment, it is very important that smog lessening actions are taken.

Factories have been put under restrictions, meaning the majority of smog today comes from vehicles. To fight against this, many states have laws about how much smog is acceptable from vehicle emissions. This means that people must have their vehicle checked for emissions once or twice a year. Additionally, many vehicle manufacturers have found ways to create low or even no emissions vehicles.

Smog has been around for a while, but it does not have to continue to be a growing problem. With a little work, vehicle emissions can be controlled.