Terms to Know about Smog and Emissions


When people begin talking about smog and environmental issues, a great number of technical and confusing terms can come up. Since smog has become an issue that many people are concerned about, it is important to understand just what it is and what these words mean.

Here, you will find information some of the most well known smog related terms that you may hear. This way, you will know what you need to do to help fight the environmental hazard of smog.

Smog. In simple terms, smog is a murky, cloudy haze. This haze is formed from a number of different chemicals and gasses that are mainly released from vehicles. These chemicals escape into the air and they become trapped. Once they become trapped, they are like a time bomb. The chemicals react with the sun and become a highly toxic cloud. This cloud is named smog, which is a mash up of the two words smoke and fog.

Ground Level Ozone. This is the name of the mix of chemicals that will eventually lead to smog. These chemicals mix together to form ozone. The ozone reacts with the sunlight and mixes with dust to form the dangerous cloud of smog.

Emissions. When an internal combustion engine, like the ones in personal vehicles, produces the energy to drive the vehicle, it burns gasoline and uses oil and other substances. When this happens, there are obvious by-products. The by-products are released in the form of gas, which leaves the vehicle via the tailpipe.

Acid Rain. When the smog stays in the atmosphere, it has a number of harmful effects on the environment. Acid rain is an example of the effects. The chemicals and fumes in the smog will mix with the water in the clouds, so that when rain falls, it is filled with toxic chemicals. Acid rain can be extremely damaging to crops and farmlands as well as buildings and vehicles.

Smog Check. One thing that many states are requiring by law is an annual vehicle smog check. This is a way that a technician can test the emissions released by a vehicle. If the emissions are extremely high or filled with especially toxic chemicals, then the vehicle will fail the smog check. The good news is that repairs can be made in order to get the vehicle a passing grade.

The terms and phrases to do with smog and the environment do not have to be confusing as long as you have an idea what they mean.


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