Smog Check Technicians Are Licensed for Consumer Protection

Checking automobiles for smog is an important responsibility in California, considering the health impact that excessive smog has on the population and vegetation. Because of the continuous problems with smog, particularly around Los Angeles, there are a number of requirements for Smog Check stations and their employees. If the state’s Smog Check program was allowed to fail and flounder, it would have detrimental effects for all Californians.

In order to participate in the Smog Check program, your technician has to be licensed to perform inspections and repairs. The licensing unit of the Bureau of Automotive Repair reviews the tech applications and determines if the candidate meets the proper requirements. There are certain course education certifications that are required, and there are two types of licenses for Smog Check Technicians: Basic or Enhanced.

The Smog Check Technician must meet several prerequisites for the Enhanced Certificate, including courses from a Bureau-certified school such as: electrical systems; the basic clean air car course; the enhanced area clean air course; engine performance; advanced engine performance; and the updated Smog Check program course.

To receive the Basic certificate, a Smog Check Technician must have just five prerequisites met, including courses such as electrical systems; basic clean air car course; engine performance; advanced engine performance; and the updated Smog Check program course.

Once all of the appropriate courses are taken, the candidate must then pass an examination to receive official certification. You will be able to spot a certified technician because the technician has a wall license with photo identification. The license is good for two years, and is renewed after that only if the technician has finished a compulsory update course.

If you have any questions about the licensing process for technicians, you can contact the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) in California. Proper licensing is something taken very seriously by the BAR, so seriously that the agency does crackdowns to find unlicensed operations and stations. The goal of BAR and the Smog Check program is to ensure that vehicles that emit a high level of pollutants are identified and repaired or scrapped. By the most conservative estimate, the Smog Check stations and technicians have reduced the major component in car pollution by at least twelve percent. This equates to kids, adults, and pets all breathing twelve percent better. Every little bit helps, so be sure to thank your technician for doing his or her part to control the smog pollution in California.