Slaying the Smog Monster that Lurks in Your Garage


Many people make one very big mistake. They assume that, just because their vehicle is less than five years old, they do not have to worry about the issue of smog. Unfortunately, though, smog knows no bounds. There is no set rule on which car will experience damage and emit an inordinate amount of smog. It can happen to any vehicle at any time. Whether or not you like to think about it, you could have a smog monster lurking in your garage and you may not even know it.

You may be wondering why the smog emitted from your vehicle is such an issue. After all, the smoke is going out into the world and rises above our breathing air, right? Unfortunately, this is not true. Because of the way our environment is set up and the way the Ozone layer protects us, smog is also trapped here on earth where people live and breathe every day.

You may think that since you live out in the country with plenty of open air, you do not have to worry about the impact of smog. While it is true that some areas are much more prone to retaining a smog pollution problem, it can be an issue no matter where you live. Smog gets into the environment no matter where the vehicle is driven.

The fumes emitted from your vehicle are quite toxic. They include a mix of chemicals, including the well-known carbon monoxide. People cannot breathe in concentrated amounts of these chemicals without a fatal impact. When you consider how many vehicles are out there, emitting fatality in the form of a smoke cloud, it is no wonder that smog is an issue.

If you think that the smog emitted from your car cannot be so bad, then think about this. If you have not had your vehicle tested and you feel sure that your car is not emitting that much dangerous fumes into the air, then you would not mind piping those emissions right into your house. Obviously, you would never want to pump vehicle emissions into your home.

The good news is that there is something you can do to slay that smog monster in your garage, and it does not take a huge amount of money. All you have to do is put your vehicle through a smog emissions check. If something is found to be wrong, repairs can be easily made, for a fairly low price.