Maximizing Your Carís Efficiency

Preventing smog in California does not start and end with your required Smog Check. Smog is not something that you should only think about every two years when you get your check done; rather, it is critical to think about it while doing routine maintenance between Smog Checks. The Smog Check technicians can tell you if your car or truck has passed or failed, but wouldn’t you rather go above and beyond this test? You can be a Super Citizen. Here are some basic maintenance tips that can keep your vehicle at its most efficient. The air and the environment will thank you.

This little tip has been said before, but it bears repeating. You really need to check the pressure in all of your tires and ensure that they are all properly inflated. When the tires are inflated to the proper level, you get better mileage, and – you guessed it – less overall car pollution is the result. It can be a new habit to get used to, so make sure you carry a tire pressure gauge with you in your glove compartment. Just do the test every other time you fill up at the gas station and you’ll get in the habit in no time. For the safety of you and your passengers, you should also be sure that you rotate your tires regularly.

Ah, the check engine light. It lights up for a good reason, so don’t just ignore it. This warning light may be telling you that you have a problem with your emissions control system, so it’s worth having a mechanic do the diagnostics and necessary repair as soon as you can. You will automatically fail the Smog Check test if this light is on, so you should take care of the problem soon after the warning light comes on. You do not need to pull over right away if the light is steady, but you should have it looked at as soon as practical. If you wait to fix it until your next Smog Check, you could be putting high levels of pollutants in the air in the meantime.

We all have so many filters to attend to, both in our vehicles as well as our homes. One filter that you cannot afford to forget about is your car’s air filter. This filter needs to be changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. If you do not change it, you are contributing to California’s smog problem because a dirty air filter lowers your gas mileage and reduces engine performance. Like tire pressure, this one is a no-brainer and is easy to do yourself.

By maintaining your car, and reminding others to do the same, you really are doing your part to reduce air pollution in California.