Know the Smog Check Laws


Smog is an ever growing hazard that people will have to contend with now and in the future. Unfortunately, smog is not just harmful for the environment. It is also quite dangerous for the health of the people who breathe in the pollution on a regular basis. In the years before, smog came from factories, which burned coal and other fuels. This is how smog began, but now, there is a much larger factor for smog pollution.

The biggest factor in the smog problem now is the personal vehicle. Vehicles driven by regular people emit quite a bit of smog into the environment. With the millions of cars, trucks and other vehicles, which are driven each day, it is no surprise that smog is a growing problem. Additionally, in areas where there is higher vehicle traffic, smog is an even greater risk since it mostly stays in the area where it is emitted.

Because of the growing amount of smog pollution and the growing concern about environmental and health hazards, the government is beginning to recognize that something has to be done about vehicle smog.

Each state government has different smog laws, so a person has to be aware of the rules in their state of residence. The state smog laws can vary greatly. For instance, some states do not yet have smog laws. Other states have extremely strict vehicle emissions laws, which require smog checks every six months. These are the two extremes, but there is a range of laws in the middle, including yearly emissions checks and checks anytime a vehicle is to be sold.

If you own a vehicle, it will be your responsibility to be aware of the smog check laws in your state. If you live in a state, which requires a yearly smog test, you will not be able to get your vehicle registration. In addition, if your state requires more strict emissions tests, you may face a rather large fine if you cannot prove that your vehicle passed the check.

A smog check test does not take a great deal of time or even a great deal of money. It is important to know your state’s smog check laws so that you will not have to deal with a fine or larger issue down the road. You can easily find out your state’s laws with a quick Internet search. By being aware of the laws, you can keep your vehicle properly registered and in proper working order.